• How to Keep Your Children Safe While Using Facebook?

    Use of Facebook is a craze among almost every age group and teens seen to be obsessed with it. Here are a few tips to keep your children safe while using Facebook.


    Set times for using Facebook


    Thanks to the ease with which you can use wireless to connect to the internet within a home network, so you no longer need to sit down at the computer to check Facebook. If this adds to the existence of Facebook mobile applications, you will realize that it is not as easy job to control what time and from what part of the house your children are connected to this network. Therefore, the best way to control the hours that are connected to this network is discussing it directly with the children. Ask them what their reasons are to spend many hours online and establish an agreement with them to also devote the necessary hours for homework, help at home and spend time with the rest of the family.


    Remember that as you spent hours in your youth watching television, and grandparents spent hours in front of the radio, the new generations do the same thing at a computer, mobile phone or game console, so it is necessary to grant freedom to enjoy their free time without simultaneously neglecting other aspects of their lives.


    Talk to them about bullying


    If you have a Facebook account, you can take an active role to protect your children from being bullied on Facebook and help denounce those who are just trying to damage the reputation, or expose them to ridicule and extreme jokes in front of the social group of friends. If you do not have an account, you can create one to better understand how information is transmitted and how others publish photos in this network.


    You can also talk to them to make them understand the importance of protecting your most important personal information such as address where the family lives, mobile phone or email account. You also pay special attention to the information shared on Facebook and parties or events they create in this network to invite your friends to celebrate with them. Strive to make them understand the importance of sharing with caution in Facebook, as not all people can have the same good intentions when connected to this network.


    When they see no other option to deal with the obsession of using Facebook, many parents block it on the computer. Today, there are Facebook proxy websites and any one can access blocked Facebook with them. If you have done so, you also need to check if the children are using Facebook proxy sites.